Hair Extensions

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Our Extensions

At Sublime Hair, we offer 100% human hair extensions which have been treated to comply with the highest standards. This beautiful hair can be curled, straightened and styled for any occasion. Colour matching is very important as well, we pride ourselves on our wonderful selection and perfect colour matching. Our stylist are trained to blend whatever colours you need to make it your style.

Our extensions are individual Keratin Bonded extensions. We individually bond each extension around a small section of your own hair creating minimal damage to your natural hair. Our stylists take approximately 1 – 2 hours to complete a full head of extensions. This is about 100+ extensions that will last approximately 3 months. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you might have as we understand that extensions are a huge investment. Please call us or drop into the salon and one of our experienced stylist will be happy to answer any questions.

Hair Extension Contract

Having luxurious long hair is great fun, but if you don’t understand how hair extensions work, you’ll be disappointed. During your appointment your stylist, or a member of our team, will go over our Hair Extension Contract. This is so that you feel fully educated on the care and life span of your extensions. We will check off all the points on this list below, both you and the stylist will sign the contract, we will then give you the copy of the contract with all the care and instructions on it to take home.
Extension Clause: We require a $50 deposit upon booking an extension appointment, this will be deducted off the full price of the appointment on the day of the booking. If there is failure to attend your prepaid appointment with sufficient notice of 24 hours your deposit will be non

Sublime Hair Extensions Contract

  • The scalp may be itchy in the following weeks after extensions. Use a brush to scratch rather than your nails (which will cause irritation).
  • Scalp may be uncomfortable to sleep on for the first few nights as the extensions are not normally in the hair.
  • It is common for malting of extensions to occur.
  • You should expect to lose a few extensions over their life span.
  • We advise that you come in to get the extensions checked and trimmed/treated ever 4 weeks.
  • Hair has to be rinsed straight after swimming in a pool or the ocean to avoid knotting and drying out of both the extensions and your own hair.
  • Semi-permanent colours must only be used to keep the hair in good condition, or regrowth tint applied by a professional.
  • Bleach or any form of lightener is NOT to be used on the extensions.
  • A hair extension brush (or similar) may only be used on the extensions to keep hair from knotting and to be able to still brush the scalp. Hair needs be divided into sections to brush properly. We sell these extension brushes at the salon.
  • Recommended Products: NAK Aromas Shampoo, Conditioner and leave in moisturizer as well as Moroccan oil. These products are available at the salon
  • It is recommended that you do a deep condition on your extensions one a week. Leave it in the hair approximately 20 to 30 minutes and rinse. We also offer a 60 second treatment at the salon that can be done with your next appointment!
  • Ensure that you use hat protection when using a straightener or curling iron on your hair.
  • If knotting occurs in the extensions or against the scalp it should be fixed ASAP. You can contact the salon for advise.
  • When sleeping with hair extensions in they should be done in a loose plait to avoid being tangled.
  • DO not twist or play with the bonds as this may cause them to crack or mat.
  • Do not leave extensions wet when tying up or sleeping (this can also cause matting).
  • Your extensions have a life span of approximately 3 months, this can vary for every person depending on how well you care for them and the growth of your hair.
  • Extensions should be left out after their term for a few weeks before getting another set. This gives the hair a chance to rest, but the stylist will evaluate your hair and let you know when they are removing your extensions.
  • When drying/ straightening/ curling your extensions, do not apply heat directly to the glue bonds as you can re-melt the glue.
  • DO NOT try to take out the extensions yourself!
  • Be gentle with the extensions when brushing and combing.
  • When curling hair with a straightener make sure the you hold extensions by the bonds to avoid too much tension.

If you are experiencing any issues or have any concerns about your extensions please do not hesitate to call us or come into the salon!